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What began as a practical garment for athletes and as an undergarment for workers has become a summer staple for men around the world—the tank top, a modern classic that’s all action. The sleeveless design of tanks ensures you stay cool in even the hottest weather, helping you to catch a little more sun than a standard t-shirt. They’re also great as layered garments in winter, letting you put together a selection of your favourite pieces for a unique outfit that’s as cosy as it looks. Whether on the beach, in the gym, or just wandering around town, today’s modern tank tops are the perfect fit.

Men’s tank tops are big with surfers, skaters, and other urban sports aficionados, providing a must-have piece of athletic wear that still has plenty of edgy style. Runners and cyclists also love a good tank, and its athletic design provides flexibility and cooling properties on even the most demanding route. Finally, even if you’re more of a beach bum than a world-beating athlete, the dynamic look of a stylish tank top will at least give the impression that you’re ready for anything!


p>When the temperature rises and the summer’s in full swing, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a tank top. You get the sun on your skin, the breeze through your clothes, and a feeling of true freedom that only a tank can give. Fashion tanks bring a contemporary splash to any wardrobe, stepping away from the garment’s athletic look in favour of something a little more stylish. You’ll still find vintage track and field, basketball, or baseball inspired prints, but they are the height of fashion rather than practical and functional!

Including graphic prints and inspiring slogans, intricate patterns and geometric designs, spots, stripes and a whole range of different colours, there’s surely a tank top that’s made for you. A basic white tank brings a classic touch to any outfit, working brilliantly with a pair of regular fit jeans. For a more modern look, bright colours and statement prints pair well with skinny jeans and a hoody. You can even don your favourite blazer for something a little more refined. As a layered garment, men’s tank tops are perfect for a huge range of looks—from the most casual laidback styles to smart, sophisticated and ready for the night.


Manufactured with high-quality cottons, polyesters, and other materials, the TOM TAILOR collection of men’s tank tops is both comfortable and stylish. Whether working up a sweat or cooling off in the shade, superior fabrics make all the difference. They feel great on your skin and they retain their shape even during the most intensive workouts thanks to their flexibility and stretch. What’s more, they’re also built to last, with top-end manufacturing ensuring cutting-edge fashion both durable and long lasting—whatever your plans for the day! Browse the collection at the official online store and grab your next favourite tank.