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Trousers for men by TOM TAILOR

These are the clothes which men wear every day: There is an endless variety of trousers for men. Trousers should not only look cool but they should also be comfortable and offer perfect fit – with us you will find only clothes which fulfill all these criteria. From chinos, suit trousers to jogging trousers and shorts like our Morris: We offer men’s trousers for any weather and all kinds of occasions. You can choose from a wide range of colours, materials, cuts and styles!

Casual During The Whole Year: Chinos

Comfortable, light, and trendy – chinos are the perfect alternative to men’s jeans, our absolute favourites. If you are shopping or on a date, at work or chilling: Chinos like the Travis are always the right choice as they come along absolutely stylish. The relaxed cut offers great wearing comfort: Chinos have a rather low waist but are a little wider around the hips featuring a slim finish at the bottom. The side pockets are rather useful to carry money and your keys with you, and also to tuck your hands inside. Chinos are real trousers for men offering highest freedom of movement, which makes them super comfortable garments. Are you thinking of setting a true fashion-statement? Wear a plain long-sleeved shirt and cool sneakers. Depending on the event, you can add an elegant jacket or a sporty quilted jacket – Top stylish de luxe!

Cargo- And Suit Trousers

Just as fashionable and country style are men’s trousers in cargo-look. You can recognize them by the typical pockets at the sides of the thighs and a slightly wider and comfortable cut. They are often offered in olive green, in camouflage-pattern, or in warm earthly colours, which harmonize beautifully with natural colours and beige hues. The cargo style is particularly casual: Whether a long-sleeved shirt or a flannel shirt, a knitted men’s sweater, or a sweatshirt, such an outfit always indicates coolness. Cargo trousers can look even elegant worn underneath a jacket and become the fashion hit at the office. Or you just pick one of our plain suit trousers in order to perfect your business look. Our suit trousers are mostly made of blended fabrics with a viscose component. They are available with or without stretch. In any case, they always have a continuous classic crease at the front and at the back. Add a matching jacket and your business outfit is complete!

Men’s Trousers : Not Every One Fits Every Figure

You can see them now everywhere: Flood pants are much en vogue! Since they leave the ankles free, you should have long legs if you want to wear them. Hipsters look especially good on sporty men with narrow hips, men’s trousers with a higher waistband look better on men with larger figures. Skinny trousers are tight and feel like a second skin. They especially suit men with slim legs. However, the perfect cut for all figures is the straight cut. Men’s trousers like these are real classics! They look good on every leg, every behind, and every hip. They are true multi talents and offer many combination possibilities, therefore, they are a must-have for every wardrobe...

Men’s Twill Trousers And Men’s Sweatpants

The upcoming fashion are sweatpants and twill trousers. Twill Trousers look almost like sweatpants. They come along very casual, but they can also appear more elegant in lighter material and featuring a waistband. Twill trousers are always made of 100% cotton and are characterized by their stable and firm texture, so that they keep warm in the winter as well. – Why not try them sometime!

Fit For Almost All Social Events: Men’s Jeans

Jeans are trousers for men, which are always casual and trendy in any weather and at any time of the year. At the same time they are true all-rounders: You find them in endless cuts and washes and you can combine them with almost everything your wardrobe has to offer. You feel slightly cramped and you don’t like skinny men’s trousers? In this case the relaxed-cuts are perfect for you. Would you rather opt for a more figure-hugging model, you have the choice amongst skinny-, slim- and regular-cuts in many different colours. Your men’s jeans will look robust combined with a pair of rough lace-up boots, for a more sporty touch choose a pair of sneakers. Protect yourself against icy temperatures with thick winter jumpers, cardigans, or warm woollen shirts. Like this, the cold season will not harm you at all!