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New trousers add a breath of fresh air to a wardrobe

There are trousers that rise above every trend and have become genuine classics, like our popular jeans. No woman wants to go without their favourite jeans, as you can always count on denim trousers in everyday wear. Chinos are an equally popular companion in the world of fashion, that seemingly have all trends covered with ease. They no longer have to be worn with flats but can also be paired with court shoes, summer shoes or trainers. Classics that have been reinterpreted with current trends and create a connection between the classic and the modern are new in the world of trousers. The best current example of this is the tuxedo stripe trend. They fashionably run along the legs of chinos or jeans and put them centre stage. Just as new in trousers are comfortable tracksuit bottoms, at least when compared to the classics. They exploded onto the fashion scene from the world of sport. These cosy casual trousers have become socially acceptable trend pieces. They're now available to buy online in all kinds of styles and in fine fabrics. This means that the most figure-skimming of trousers can be paired with a fitted jacket, some nice accessories and chic shoes like court shoes, for example, as part of an evening look. Newly interpreted trousers bring a little variation to everyday wear and guarantee that every woman who likes wearing trousers won’t be bored by their favourite piece of legwear. Alongside the fashion topic tuxedo stripes, frills, embroidery and garment washes give popular trouser designs a new touch or create a feminine trend piece of sporty tracksuit bottoms for the next party. New trousers are created when classics have a fashionable symbiotic relationship with current fits. Add chic, slim-fitting suit trousers in an ankle-high leg length, combine the trend with bright socks and sleek pumps and you’ve got a vibrant outfit with elegant suit trousers at the focal point. Be inspired by our new TOM TAILOR trousers for your own unique everyday wear look and discover popular classics and current trend trousers from the versatile world of fashion. Alongside casually cut cloth trousers, slim chino style trousers or tracksuit bottoms (also available with frills), let your fashionable heart be surprised with a new pair of jeans. Currently, the ankle-length trend is very popular. This can also be found in lots of pieces, from trousers to jeans. To the joy of every single fashion lover, these add extra emphasis to the fashion topic shoes and socks, even if you don’t wear socks with this piece. The cropped trouser cut doesn’t just add emphasis to the ankles but also to shoes or socks you’ve put on because the days are a little colder. This fashion trend invites you to play and create countless unique styles that have no boundaries. Trying out makes sense!