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Women's Accessories by TOM TAILOR

Handbags, Scarves and Shawls, Belts, Sunglasses, Hats – women’s accessories add a finishing touch to your outfit. They are handy, functional and absolutely essential in order to create a perfect look. They help proving style, originality and individuality, they set accents and lend a cool edge to your outfit. But just like with everything else you have to hold the balance: when you wear too much jewellery it can easily appear flamboyant and single pieces can’t stand out the way they should. Choose a few accessories that accent your outfit or highlight the feature you want to play up. Discover how accessories can elevate your outfit!

Hide and Emphasize: Scarves and Shawls

Scarves and shawls keep you warm and add a splash of colour to every outfit. We don’t only wear them when it’s cold outside, we also leave them on inside, using them as a key-piece for several looks. Soft scarves or silky shawls, nestled around the neck or loosely thrown over your shoulders, look ultimately elegant and feel super comfortable. You can use them to uplift basic shirts or pullovers, to set colourful accents or to keep yourself warm on a chilly night at a garden party. On cold days hats and gloves are highly necessary accessories. Hats are trendy, keep your head and ears nice and warm and help creating a cool look. Gloves aren’t only pretty handy for a fun snowball fight or when riding a bike. In different colours they are stylish must-haves, that can uplift any look immediately. That even makes us look forward to cold winter days.

The Centre of Attraction and a True Eye-Catcher: The Belt

The days when a belt was only used to keep your trousers up are long gone: Today a belt is a real statement-piece and has become the most sought-after accessory for women. A nice belt enhances your entire outfit – and emphasizes your silhouette perfectly. The leather belt is a true classic, that goes great with a pair of jeans or pretty blouses and tunics. You are looking for a fashionable belt that matches your outfit? Metallic-look belts or those with fashionable studs are really en vogue at the moment and will definitely make heads turn at the next party. A simple trick: To make your legs appear a little longer just wear the belt a touch higher. That always works! Sunglasses are true must-haves in the world of women’s accessories, especially during spring and summer! Frames in striking hues are especially trendy at the moment. Wear yours with all different kinds of looks. For example, gradient lenses, that add a splash of colour to your perspective of life. TOM TAILOR presents a wide range of all fashion-forward pieces. Get some inspiration!

Women’s Accessories: Essentials For Fashionistas!

Accessories for women are more crucial than ever: They add that finishing touch to every outfit. There are so many possibilities to elevate your look – find the most beautiful accessories here! If you love being versatile, accessories will help you make a great appearance. They set accents and take many styles from boring to brilliant. Be creative – our women’s accessories have it all!

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