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Delicate feminine style meets wild and joyful extravagance in our collection of sleeveless blouses for women. From the simplest white top to vivacious leopard print, you’ll find something to suit any mood or occasion—the perfect way to express yourself wherever you are heading. Need a relaxed yet sophisticated look for Sunday brunch? Try a striped blouse with a collar. Want something a little more outrageous for a night on the town? Then there’s a whole host of alluring patterns to choose from. Whatever your plans, there’s a sleeveless blouse that’s ready for action.


When the sun is shining and the temperature rises, there’s nothing quite like a sleeveless blouse to keep you cool and help you grab a little vitamin D. They’re the perfect accompaniment to a pair of stylish shorts during the height of summer, and after dark, you can just throw on your favourite pair of jeans and you’re ready to see what the night holds. Whether on the beach, at your favourite restaurant, as a crucial piece of boho-chic at a festival, or glammed up for the club, the demure aesthetic of a sleeveless blouse is always a hit.

Ideal for day-to-day wear, sleeveless blouses don’t compromise on comfort during the hottest months of the year—however flamboyant they might look. Including soft and luxurious voile, pure cotton, and cotton/linen mixes, you can choose a sleeveless blouse in your favourite fabric and feel good wherever you are heading. A box-pleated skirt and soft, flowing blouse is another easy summer outfit that will cool you down, while a pair of baggy trousers and a patterned top is perfect on those long summer evenings.


It might be the most unpretentious item in your wardrobe, but women’s sleeveless blouses are far from simple when it comes to style. A broad range of colours, cuts, and necklines bring plenty of variation to any collection—allowing you to mix-and-match outfits and bring new life to your older garments. You can try a low-cut V-neck with a keyhole opening at the back, or something a little more reserved such as a round neck blouse with ruffled arms. Off-shoulder and one-shoulder variations are also available for when you want to make the most of the early spring sunshine, and you can always try a button-up blouse for when the weather is less predictable.

Many of the sleeveless blouses in the TOM TAILOR collection are also available in a variety of dazzling colours, shades, and finishes. Whether in bold and bright primary colours; chic and stylish metallics; muted shades of brown, cream, and yellow; or basic black and white, the choice is yours—allowing you to tailor your look through basic colour matching for a truly unique outfit. Discover the range of women’s sleeveless tops at the official online store and start building your next statement look that’s ready to rock.