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Women’s Winter Trends 2018

We say YES! TOM TAILOR SAYS YES! This isn’t only a call for fashion and styling, it is a mantra for every situation in life and for every cold winter day. The characteristic signature of our winter clothes for women add noticeable freshness into your wardrobe without overdoing it. Ladies, be HAPPY AND BOLD and discover all those beautiful colours, shapes and fabrics. That’s how positive women’s wear should be: Compelling combinations, courageous contrasts, rich colours and fashionable cuts are waiting for you. You don’t want to miss out on anything? Are you ready? Put your shopping experience during the frosty, grey and miserable time of the year under the motto of our collection and add that much needed warmth, freshness and joy!

Your Personality Tales the Centre Stage

Your strengths and your personality lie within yourself. That is exactly what your style should underline. Our women’s wear supports your personality and stages your most beautiful, coolest, wildest and most elegant facettes. Between all kinds of must-haves and it-pieces you will find a whole lot of inspiration and you’ll discover many new styles for this winter. Whether for leisure time, the office or when out and about with your girls – here you will find exactly what you are looking for, that one piece that’s just perfect for you. The latest trends for the upcoming season do not only stage the clothes, but the women who bring these clothes to life.

Winter Clothes for Women – From Head to Toe

Warm jackets, classic caban-coats, casual combo-pieces, cosy sweaters, straight parkas, and comfy woolies are waiting to move into your wardrobe and to become a part of your fantastic look. Denim-styles are absolute essentials when talking about winter clothes for women. Whether skin-tight skinny jeans, destroyed-look pieces, bootcuts or boyfriend jeans. Denim is a true winner! Fancy a little update? Urban training pants are on the rise and could soon become serious competitors to that all-time favourite classic. Not only are they seen at gyms, training pants have conquered serious street styles adding a stylish note to urban looks. Accessories elevate that look and underline its fashion forward appearance. Rough belts, sneakers, feminine scarves, shawls and modern beanies can take your look from boring to brilliant and stage your favourite piece beautifully. Crossovers between the different styles set new trends. Your winter outfit turns into a real eye-catcher and adds a splash of colour to grey winter days.

Tastes Differ

Whatever style you choose: stay true to yourself and find out what kind of winter clothing reflects your personality best. Under the category INSPIRATION you will find many different ideas for great winter clothes for women and trendy transition styles. Let’s see: LONDON CALLING excites with a trendy metropolitan flair. ROSE awakens the little girl in you. Or do you prefer cool BASICS? The BLOGGER LOOK will turn you into a real fashionista, while LOVE FOR DETAIL takes care of those little extras. JAPANESE GARDEN brings that extraordinary Asian-style into your wardrobe, while the URBAN UNIFORM might remind you of that military look- including camouflage fabrics and metallic-buttons. If you are searching for that kick between cool and classy, SMART & CASUAL definitely nails it. Last but not least DENIM DAYS are the right place for all those jeans-loving women who get their frill between various cuts and authentic washes.