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Blouses by TOM TAILOR

Blouses are fantastic all-rounders. Hardly any garment is so versatile. Blouses can be everything: sporty, sophisticated, elegant and sexy. They can appear playful or subtle. The word blouse can be traced back to the French crusaders, who wore wagoner jackets, so-called "blouses", over their shining armour to protect the precious metal from dust and filth. In the beginning 19th century the Biedermeier women quickly recognized, that their beloved blouses had nothing in common with their actual origin. The combination of a skirt and a blouse brought a breath of fresh air into their dressing room. Until then they had only known typical dresses. A revolution for their entire wardrobe! While men had shirts, women could now dress up with beautiful blouses.

Blouses: A Success Story Continues

Women's blouses used to be buttoned-up and modest, made from the same fabric as the long skirts they were worn with. Women even used to play tennis in these subtle, long-sleeved blouses and flowing skirts. Throughout the years fashion became more casual and collar-free models came out top. In the 1940's life was hardly imaginable without a pencil skirt paired with an elegant blouse and high heels. Ten years later the Rockabilly-look took over: Polka dots, puffed sleeves and a Peter Pan collar were highly fashionable. In the 70ies, just remember Saturday Night Fever, flower-prints, psychedelic patterns, wide collars and gathers turned all blouses into real superstars.

Still En Vogue: Gypsy Blouses and Tunics

And today? The hype is still not over. Blouses in all kinds of variations, colours and shapes dominate the runways of fashion shows. The blouse is and will always be a highly versatile statement-piece for every time of the year. Seductive Gypsy-blouses show off a little shoulder and are always a good idea on warm summer days well as on chilly winter evenings. Tunics spread that feminine charm and complete every look on a stylish note. Worn with flared jeans, high heels and the perfect accessories they create the highly fashionable boho-style. An all-time favourite for many women are tunics with folklore-embroidery, which make that Hippie-look complete. Last but not least the revival of the tie-neck blouse is a reason to celebrate fashion. Just like it was 70 years ago.

Choose Your Favourite: The Blouse in All It's Variations

The versatility of blouses is enormous: with frills and flounces, bows or ribbons, lace- or crochet inserts. With short sleeves or long sleeves, transparent or opaque, with patterns or bold, in tapered cut or rather loosely cut. Made from cotton, chiffon, with a proportion of stretch or without. Whatever you desire, for every occasion, every mood: you will definitely always find the right piece.

Innocent Yet Seductive: White Blouses

Subtle and good: The white shirt blouse. It has been a true classic for over a hundred years. While it was still a kind of "uniform" for secretaries in the 1920ies, Hollywood beauties discovered the versatility of blouses, paired them with skirts and pants and turned them into fashionable must-haves. Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe - they all loved the great effect of this seductive yet innocent appearing garment. The white blouse still stands for clarity, competence and class. Paired with a blazer and figure-hugging pants it is an ideal companion for the office. Teamed up with a skirt and a long necklace you can make heads turn in the evening.