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New dresses: super stylish and fantastically feminine

No other garment accentuates your feminine side more than a dress, which also makes your behaviour seem more gracefully and elegantly. Your figure plays the biggest role as to which dresses will suit you! Say, for example, you have a smaller upper body width and want a slightly fuller look, you should wear dresses that are fitted below the chest. In the reverse case, pieces with a V-neckline are a good choice if you have larger breasts that you want to visually reduce. Concealing small bumps at the hips or waist is easy with the right dress. A piece with a wide fit in a dark colour is your best option! Do you have wider hips and fuller thighs? Then look no further than dresses in a stylish A-line.

Forms without limits: the fit makes the dress

A dress is by no means just a dress. There are so many fits and shapes! They’ve been around since the seventies – and they're bang on trend at the moment: A-line dresses have narrow shoulders and get wider towards the bottom. These dresses give you a little leg up: A-lines slim and make it possible to draw attention away from small problem areas like the stomach or hips. T-line dresses on the other hand look like elongated T-shirts, making them straight cut and particularly casual. This will give you a great figure, especially in your free time. X-lines are body-defining with their wide shoulder section and fit that tapers to the waist. This creates a feminine silhouette. X-line dresses usually end just above the knee. Pieces in a classic shirt blouse fit are sporty yet still elegant. Like blouses, they have a collar and button placket that is either full-length or runs to the centre of the dress. You can combine to your heart’s content depending on the occasion: with a blazer for the day at the office or with a casual cardigan when shopping with your gal pals.

Formal or cool: the right dress for every occasion

New dresses can change so much: with them you’re perfectly dressed for every occasion! A first date, your friend’s cocktail party, a big family party: a stylish option would be a cocktail dress here. The “little black” is a classic – a short dress, which can be put into action as a business dress with a chic blazer. Pastel coloured dresses or pieces with lace inserts or floral patterns are great if you have a romantic evening in the offing. You can pair them with elegant court shoes or with comfortable ballerinas. Remember to wear seamless underwear if you’re wearing a tight cocktail dress so that they don’t appear on the outside. You’re best served with a T-shirts or denim dress in your free time. If they have a drawstring waist, then you can adjust it as you desire! Wear your leisure dress with lightweight sandal, mules or toe posts – that’s how to create a fresh and summery look. Something airy is fashionable for the beach or at the beach club. The dress that you’re wearing at this time has to be a summer dress, which offer lots of freedom of movement and are comfortable! Dresses with nautical stripes in fresh colours like white, red or blue are beautiful right now. Thin straps let the skin breath and show off your fantastically feminine side. You’re a fan of the seventies style? Then get yourself a flowing maxi dress! It’ll make you party queen at more than just beach parties or barbecues. A fluffy cardigan is perfect when it gets a little chilly in the evening. Dresses in trendy colours and styles – you’ll find the most beautiful pieces here at TOM TAILOR. Have a look around and find you new favourite pieces: we look forward to your visit!

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