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Women's Shorts - Show Off Your Legs!

Character piece, strong statement: Women’s shorts end shortly above the knees and are this summer’s highlight. They are cut a little longer, turning them to Bermudas, and if they grow in length even more they are called Capri trousers. While the length is clearly defined, there is an immense variety of women’s shorts. Shorts appear with rolled up, ragged, or stitched seams, they are casual, washed out or simply plain coloured. Women’s shorts are all-rounders and are represented in every look – they are definitely the highlight of this summer, however, they can also be worn during the cold season: simply add a pair of tights, long ankle warmers or winter boots during autumn and winter and turn them into eye-catchers.

Great Diversity Of Details

With an excellent fit, a stylish cut, and imaginative designs women’s shorts by TOM TAILOR capture the hearts of the women who wear them. Women’s shorts had a real boom period with bloomers, Bermudas, hot pants, Capri trousers, knickerbockers, knee-breeches, and bellboy’s trousers, all of them peaked in the 1990s. Today, every shelf offers plain shorts and there is a good reason for it! They are versatile, simple, casual, and easy to combine with purist basics, cool print shirts, and imaginative patterns. Women’s shorts by TOM TAILOR are robust and adapt to every movement, they are the alternative to a skirt and the ideal companion for summer. The different types of the short trousers offered are manifold: for example, the jeans shorts in acid washing or bleached, the crinkled shorts in vintage look, the authentic shorts or the stone washed jeans-shorts. Unique are the typical women’s jeans shorts by TOM TAILOR with destroyed elements. They are the key-piece of every wardrobe!

Women’s Shorts, Bermudas, Capri Trousers – The Agony Of Choice

How to wear women’s shorts? Typical shorts optically stretch women’s legs. If you want to emphasise this effect, select high-waist cuts. They add a few inches and make the leg appear endless. The other way around, women may opt for low-waist cuts in order to direct looks to the top part of their body. If you prefer shorts during summer, have a look at the large selection of ballerinas, sandals, and sneakers, they can all be combined with a pair of women’s shorts. Varieties of the typical shorts are light Bermudas and calf-length Capri trousers. Combination talent is required here: Bermudas look great with a Safari-shirt or a khaki coloured utility blouse top, ideal for the Capri trousers is an elegant blouse with a bow. The knee-long Bermuda looks best on tall women, the somewhat longer Capri trousers can be worn by all types. Here, like always the important issue is the proportions. Besides, there are the ¾ Capri trousers as well as the longer 7/8 Capri trousers. While the latter is well suited for cold winter days, the ¾ Capri trousers are the cult classic amongst the shorter type of trousers.

Combination Classic In Many Facets

Shorts are definitely classics in women’s clothing. They are practical, simple and easy to wear as well as to combine. Whoever owned a pair shorts knows: you can’t do without them. And women’s shorts are as easy as they are versatile. The classic shorts have reached true cult status with bloomers, Bermudas, hot pants, Capri trousers, knickerbockers, knee-breeches, and bellboy’s trousers. Summer is around the corner and with it the latest trends for 2018. Get inspired in our shop!

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