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Lightweight and water resistant or wrapped in wool against the cold, women’s jackets are a must-have when the temperature drops and the weather takes a turn for the worse. Layer them up with your favourite long sleeve t-shirt and a cardigan for when the freeze sets in, or simply throw your favourite waterproof over a summer top in a tropical thunderstorm—whatever the weather, a decent jacket is a stylish and practical wardrobe essential. Browse the range in the TOM TAILOR official online store and find a huge selection that’s ready for anything.


Typically, jackets fall to about mid-stomach-length and are lighter and less thermally insulated than larger coats. However, as fashions have changed over the years, jackets have followed the trends, and now you’ll find examples in a variety of lengths, shapes, sizes and materials. Today, women’s jackets are all about chic styles that can be worn almost anywhere—and there’s plenty of on-trend examples that will bring any look to life.

Woollen jackets that fall to just below the waist are as cosy as they look, while a well-designed rain jacket with a hood is a must-have. Peplum jackets bring a little sophistication to the mix, and work beautifully with a smart skirt. Parachute jackets can fall to pretty much any length and are ideal for long days out as they are easily packed down and stored.

Classic-length denim jackets and bomber jackets are super-hot right now, from the streets of London to the clubs of Berlin, and they balance both vintage and contemporary styles at the same time. If you’re after something specifically 90s looking, then a puffer jacket or tracksuit jacket are your go-to garments that will bring a bit of colour to the dullest winter day. For a more formal look ready for the office, blazers and coatigans will help keep the chill off without compromising your professional demeanour.


Our women’s jackets are available in a broad range of materials that complete your look. Plaid jackets bring warmth and classic tartan colours to your wardrobe, a perfect autumn look that complements the falling leaves. Acid wash denims and faded flannels inspire countless retro styles, while earthy cottons in military green provide a utilitarian look that works well with jeans. Rain jackets are available in a variety of materials, balancing style and water resistance depending on just how bad the weather is.

Our women’s jackets also include a range of thoughtful design details and features to finish each garment to the highest quality. Including quilted jackets with retractable hoods, fake fur jackets with stand-up collars, and rain jackets with loads of useful pockets, there’s something for everyone. Finally, whether with belts, buckles, buttons or zips, you’ll be able to wrap up warm against the cold and still look great—browse the collection today and get ready for winter.