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Parkas for Women

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You might associate it with the 1960s mod movement in the UK, but the origins of the parka actually lie in the Arctic Circle—and the Caribou Inuit knew how to make a coat that’s about as cosy as it gets. Women's parka coats are the ultimate in winter warmers, combining big hoods, faux fur linings, lightweight fabrics, and secure fasteners to keep out even the harshest conditions. However, all that extra insulation doesn’t detract from the iconic style of a high-quality parka, and our collection has plenty of exciting cuts to help you make this unique look your own.


Short hair, flat shoes, boyfriend jeans, and the iconic parka to finish it off! Who can forget the famous mod fashions that swept through the UK in the 60s—the epitome of London chic. Well, although the look made it big in Britain, the fishtail parka was invented by the US military in the 1950s. The original fishtails had an extension at the back that could be folded between the legs for extra warmth while in the field. Today, however, most fishtail parkas feature a stylised version of this detail—shortening the tail for practical everyday wear. They still look fantastic, however, giving your collection a taste of true 60s style.

The snorkel parka is characterised by its waist length cut and a hood that can be zipped up leaving only a small space for your face. It is usually associated with extreme conditions thanks to its thermal properties and robust construction. Also invented by the US military, these uber-practical coats pair beautifully with your favourite knitwear for some serious protection against the elements. That doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style, however, and the snorkel parka is a classic fashion statement that has stood the test of time.


Whether in quilted polyamide with elastic cuffs or in woollen bouclé fabrics with high collars, women’s parkas are available in all kinds of materials to ensure your wardrobe is ready for anything. Blended fabric with the melange look adds a touch of contemporary style, while classic canvas is both practical and true to this celebrated garment’s origins. Try the different variations with a sweatshirt or jumper underneath and get ready for even the deepest and darkest winters.

Of course, the original parkas were finished in military green, but today you’ll find a wealth of vibrant colours and patterns that makes mixing and matching your outfits a breeze. Bright red brings a welcome dash of colour to a dull day, while polka dot or tartan patterns really pop. For a more authentic look, muted shades of blue, grey, green, and even pink offer another option—toning down your wardrobe for a more reserved outfit. Whatever colours or patterns you love, check out our collection in the official online store and find the perfect fit.