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They’re the baggy, laid back look of the moment. On trend with Hollywood A-listers, globetrotting popstars, and cutting-edge contemporary artists. They’re also making waves on catwalks around the world with a casual street style inspired by the boys—but remember ladies, you don’t need a man to fall in love with a handsome pair of boyfriend jeans. Here at TOM TAILOR, we have a gorgeous collection of easy-going denims just waiting for you to take home—whatever your type.

As the name suggests, the boyfriend jeans movement began with a few pioneering fashionistas who ditched the boring, gendered concepts of fashion and casually threw on a pair of men’s jeans. Some trace it back to the 50s and Hollywood legend Marylin Monroe, others reference Katie Holmes, Reese Witherspoon, and Rachel Bilson among countless other style gurus. In the end though, it doesn’t matter, as boyfriend jeans for women have quickly climbed to the very top of contemporary fashion.


Part of the allure of women’s boyfriend jeans is the effortless style that loose-fitting denims bring to any wardrobe. They look great on all body types and shapes, and whether worn on the hip or higher up the waist, they are flattering and work with a range of different looks. An oversize sweatshirt completes a grungy look straight out of the 90s, while a cosy woollen jumper brings a little comfort on those cold winter days. For a more glamorous outfit, a simple sleeveless top, worn loosely but with a little added sparkle, is always a good choice for a night out at your favourite bohemian hot spot.

You’ll find both high-rise and low-rise cuts in the TOM TAILOR collection, with a range of leg widths ranging from slim fit to anti fit. You’ll also find boyfriend jeans in different lengths, with stylish turn ups on our ankle lengths and oversize hems on our full lengths. Finally, a wide range of waist sizes and a little extra stretch in our denim means that there’s a pair of boyfriend jeans for everyone. We can’t promise that you’ll find “the one”—but we know you’ll find something to crush on in our collection.


Whether you’re looking for the rough and rugged type that loves to rock out at a gig, or you want a more sophisticated and worldly type for art gallery openings and theatre visits, you’ll definitely want to swipe right on TOM TAILOR boyfriend jeans. Featuring a range of distressed denims with well-placed rips and tears, alongside some slightly more reserved boyfriend jeans that you would absolutely introduce to your parents, our collection has everything you are looking for in a long-term lover! You’ll also find a range of colours, shades, and washes that make pairing up you boyfriend jeans with the rest of a wardrobe a breeze. Discover your next partner-in-style at the official TOM TAILOR online shop and build a relationship that lasts—no men required!