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Skinny jeans were made for punks. Sure, you might wear them at school, in the office, out on the high street but deep down in those tight-fitting denim threads you’ll always find something of an anarchist’s soul. You want to show the world your rebellious nature? Then your jeans are like a second skin. Something to rock the bright city lights? No problem. You need the epitome of stylish and svelte? Then skinny jeans for women can do that too!

TOM TAILOR presents a broad range of skinny fit styles crafted to perfection and designed for you. From the sleek, smooth, and low-waisted to ripped denims with real attitude, skinny jeans are as versatile as they are form-fitting and flattering. Perfectly at home in the club or just kicking back at a friend’s house, skinny denims pair beautifully with a glamorous blouse for those big nights out or a warm hoody when you want to wind down. Wherever you wear them though, you can count on comfort and style from all of the cuts in the TOM TAILOR collection.


When the weather gets warmer, there’s nothing quite like a pair of elegant ankle jeans to let your skin breathe. Of course, there’s plenty of brave fashionistas who’ll wear their favourite pair whatever the weather, and there’s no doubt they look great with a distressed leather jacket and boots. With turn-ups or short-cut legs and fraying threads, ankle jeans bring something a little extra to any wardrobe—despite the fact that there’s just a little less denim!

If ankle jeans aren’t your thing but you like a really snug fit, then our extra skinny jeans will have you jumping for joy as you squeeze yourself in! Made to accentuate your curves, whatever your shape, TOM TAILOR extra skinnies match your favourite graphic tees, tank tops, and polos for a contemporary take on true punk style. Of course, we also offer extra skinny ankle jeans too—for the best of both worlds.


Who doesn’t have at least one pair of skinny jeans in their wardrobe? From the go-to trousers that you throw on every day to those special skinnies that bring out the best of your legs, there’s always a time and place for tight-fitting denims. But don’t worry, if you’re looking to fill out that wardrobe with something fresh, then TOM TAILOR’s skinny jeans for women are available in a range of cuts, colours, and materials to help you mix-and-match your outfit for any occasion.

Including elasticated denims with various amounts of stretch for extra comfort, both button and zip flies, and a broad range of natural tones or bright and bold colours, even the most demanding woman of fashion will be spoilt for choice. Additionally, you’ll find practical 5-pocket variations or super slick pocketless versions, alongside a few striking design details within the collection to bring out your inner rebel.