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From contemporary cuts to classic cool, women’s slim fit jeans are a staple of wardrobes around the world. They’re comfortable, versatile, and the ideal foundation for a countless number of looks—working equally well with a simple sweatshirt as they do for a formal blouse or glamorous, glittery top. But the real beauty of slim fit denims and pants? It’s their timeless style and seasoned design! These understated yet enduring trousers will never look outdated, no matter how many times you pull them from your wardrobe.

TOM TAILOR slim fit jeans for women combine a range of high-quality materials with vintage inspired washes and classic colours to bring a little variety to your collection. Available in low, regular, and high-waist cuts, there’s a pair for every shape and preference. You’ll also find inspired design and intriguing features within the collections, including rebellious ripped and worn denims, thoughtfully placed zips and buttons, and some clever hem work around the ankles or along the seams—making every single pair of TOM TAILOR slim fit jeans really pop!


Slim fit jeans have a similar fitted style to skinny jeans but are worn looser, slightly more relaxed, and offer a little more room for manoeuvre. They still retain a sharp silhouette, but they’re much easier to climb out of at the end of a long day. It also means that there’s less chance a sudden movement will cause an unexpected rip or tear—something that’s always a possibility when squeezing into the tightest of skinny jeans or other trousers.

Women's slim fit jeans come in lengths suitable for all seasons—from standard full-length, through ankle length jeans, to 7/8 length. Pair your full-lengths with a warm parka in winter for a British mod look straight out of the 60s. Try your ankle lengths with a cool t-shirt for a breezy spring style that gives your skin a chance to catch the sun, or enjoy the height of summer in your 7/8 lengths and a sleeveless blouse. Whatever the weather, there’s a pair of TOM TAILOR slim fit jeans that will suit a sunny disposition.


When you’re looking for the perfect pair of slim fit jeans, you want a wide selection of high-quality cuts that shape your legs in style and bring the best out of your figure. TOM TAILOR stocks a broad range of flattering fits, authentic looks, and cutting-edge designs to help you find exactly the pair (or pairs!) you are looking for–every pair of TOM TAILOR slim fits tells a story, and with a little wear over time, that story becomes uniquely yours. Browse the collection of women’s slim jeans and let your imagination run wild. Whether planning a big night out or a quiet night in, TOM TAILOR has something ready-made to fit your lifestyle—so you can start making new stories that you’ll remember for a lifetime!