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They’ve seen trends come and go, weathered the storms of countless pretenders to the throne, and stuck around in wardrobes across the world for decades. Straight fit jeans—the original and the best. It’s no secret that these simple yet enduring pants have been a fashion staple since at least the 1950s. Sure, there’s been dark times for the humble straights, but their versatility, durability, and practical style have always endured.

TOM TAILOR’s collection of straight jeans for women provide a snapshot of what can be achieved with a simple design and unassuming material. From acid washed white denims to the deepest black; with rips, tears, studs and decorative seams; featuring colourful prints or in countless shades of blue. You can also match them with almost anything, a long-sleeved t-shirt perhaps or a sleeveless blouse—women’s straight fit jeans are everything you want them to be and more!


Aside from their versatility, straight fit jeans are a favourite for women of any size or shape. They’ll adapt to your legs even as your body changes and will look great even if they are a little baggy or a little tight. The looser fit is forgiving and flattering, and unlike skinny jeans, they are easy to put on and pull off. Women’s straight jeans also come in a variety of styles that allow you to tailor the fit to your specific body shape. High rise jeans offer a vintage look that helps shape the upper part of your legs and hips, whereas low rise jeans generally sit on the hips and create a more relaxed look. You will also find straight jeans with a little added elasticity to help shape your legs in a similar way to a slim fit jeans , although you’ll probably find these straights a little more comfortable.


TOM TAILOR straight cut jeans for women are built to last—and no wardrobe is complete without at least one pair. Wear them in for a while but don’t wash them! A good pair of jeans grows with you, and they love everything life can throw at them, building a unique character each time you put them on. Once they’re suitably aged and distressed, you can match them up with a vintage leather jacket for that original rocker look, or if you simply can’t wait that long for your straights to mature, a fresh pair looks equally good with a graphic printed sweater.

Either way, you’ll find women’s straight jeans from TOM TAILOR are designed to be part of your wardrobe through thick and thin. If they fall out of fashion, so what! They’ll be back on-trend soon enough, and yours will be ready and waiting for their hour in the sun. Browse the TOM TAILOR collection and find your perfect pair of denims today—straight up the best pair of jeans you will ever buy!