We design for all women; various sizes and ready-to-wear items. Thanks to our know-how on fits, we can make sure that everyone feels comfortable in our casual looks. For more variety and comfort.

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Cool plus size pieces for women

Our coolest pieces are now available in plus sizes for all women with a feminine figure – new and exclusively online. You can now shop the most beautiful fashion for women from size 45 – 56. Whether it’s jeans, a dress, a top, T-shirts or underwear, our women + collection will win you over. From practical basics for everyday wear to formal women’s clothing for special occasions – you’ll find everything here that makes a woman’s heart melt. Women with fuller figures can now shop to their heart’s content with us. Today a lady, tomorrow a vamp, the day after tomorrow incredibly sporty – our clothing for women in plus sizes is incredibly varied and colourful. In this way, you reinvent yourself every day. Enjoy our versatile styles and mix sleek basics with distinctive trend pieces. Attractiveness is not a question of the clothing size.

Pair with aplomb: plus size fashion that slims

Appear slimmer by styling yourself with cleverly combined patterns, fabrics and fits. To do this, there are a whole range of tricks: Black is slimming. The darkest of colours elongates optically the best. This is closely followed by dark blue. Remember: the matter and darker the clothing, the better its slimming effect. This rule is true for pants, dresses, tops and all other garments. Dark underwear, regardless of being a bra or briefs, is slimming when compared to its pale, patterned or shiny counterpart. What is particularly important when it comes to underwear is the fit, of course, otherwise you don’t feel great in it. Underwear should not be too loose or cut in too much. Needless to say, the king of all pants, jeans, are also available for women in plus sizes. Raw denim, such as dark blue without a garment wash and other distinctive colourful features, are most beneficial. High-waisted trousers accentuate the waist and elongate the legs optically. Whether it’s jeans, leggings or other pants: a percentage of elastane is always welcome, it ensures a great fit even in plus sizes. Tip: always wear heels with jeans. They lengthen and slim.

Show your size: highlight your best features!

Accentuate your best features and distract from little problem areas! Women with a great cleavage and wide hips can pick a distinctive top that wins with prints or embroidery and pair it with a pair of simple jeans – that will draw attention to the upper body immediately. Another great trick to make hips seem slimmer than they are: emphasising the shoulders. Pick a women’s blazer with shoulder pads for example, these widen the shoulders which automatically makes the hips appear slimmer. Curvy women with a curvier figure should emphasise their waists – wrap dresses are perfect for this. Adding a belt can additionally accentuate a slim waist and create an hourglass figure, even in plus sizes. Women with a few extra pounds can also cheat cleverly: gathered tops or dresses conceal the stomach, which also works for an A-line dress, which do not make stomachs stand out, rather skim them casually.

Make yourself a little longer!

The length makes it: long blouses, long blazers and cardigans elongate the figure. Vertical stripes or pintucks also elongate women’s clothing. Tip: Accessories can support this effect. Wear long scarves or necklaces – they emphasise vertical lines and therefore have a slimming effect. The same goes for hairstyle: long, smooth hair also elongate optically. And a high bun or ponytail make a woman’s face seems narrower.

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