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Previously the preserve of athletes and now the height of modern cool, sweatshirts date back to the 1920s when one sweaty quarterback got tired of his uncomfortable woollen uniform and decided to make his own. Since then, it’s fair to say that the humble sweatshirt has gone the full distance, and this once purely practical garment has been seen on catwalks from Milan to New York—and everywhere in between. A legendary rise to the top of its game!

Whether with graphic prints in bold colours, in vintage jogging styles that stay true to their athletic origins, or just as a basic foundation for other outfits in muted shades and distressed washes, women’s sweatshirts have got the lot. They can be your best friend on a cold day, your go-to garment for your favourite gigs and festivals, or you can pull it on first thing in the morning and hit the gym for a power workout—however you wear it, a TOM TAILOR sweatshirt breathes new life into your day.


Of course, you don’t have to be the active type to enjoy the soft, warm embrace of a decent sweater. TOM TAILOR women’s sweatshirts are available in a range of styles, shapes, and cuts, with a variety of necklines to match—from the classic crew to low hanging V-necks. You’ll also find a few extra special designs that defy categorisation entirely, giving you the chance to express yourself in new and exciting ways.

Match a tighter crew neck sweater with your favourite boyfriend jeans for a casual, on-trend look that’s buzzing the streets. Try a looser V-neck with a statement shirt or patterned top for something slightly more put together. You can also try experimenting yourself to create your own unique look. Alternatively, a few of the more unusual necklines and sweater cuts speak to a style all of their own—perfect for the more extravagant fashionistas of the world.


Women’s sweatshirts are the ideal garment for layering, whether you need some extra protection against the cold or you just want to build a hip outfit for a big night out. Soft jersey, cottons, and fleeces are designed to keep you warm in any season, while a simple jacket and sweater combo is always a hit during the cooler months of spring and autumn. For long days at the beach, throwing a sweater over your bikini can help keep you warm as you watch the sunset, letting you enjoy the sand under your feet without catching a chill.

From oversize and relaxed to form-fitted and flattering, women’s sweatshirts from TOM TAILOR are perfect for any body shape and work well as part of a variety of looks. Browse a range of sweaters in the official online shop and find the perfect fit for you—whether bold and beautiful or simple and sophisticated, there’s nothing quite like the comforting feeling of throwing on your favourite sweater!