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Like the sweatshirt, modern style zip up hoodies have unpretentious origins, beginning life as a simple warehouse workers’ garment in 1930s New York. Back then, they were warm, practical and easy to wear—and the popularity of these early hoodies was clear to see on the streets of the Big Apple. Since that time, however, they’ve found worldwide fame, and no wardrobe is complete without at least one hooded sweatshirt or zip up hoodie. They can be warm and cosy on a cool autumn day, you can throw on the hood and roll up the sleeves in a little summer rain, or you can layer them with a vest or t-shirt for a cool outfit in any weather. Hoodies are the all-purpose garment that no one should be without.


For the ultimate in street style, you can’t beat a hoodie. It just screams bling. It’s practically a uniform in hip hop circles, and this practical garment has made it into the mainstream thanks to a whole host of musicians, graffiti artists, Hollywood A-listers, and fashion-conscious trend-setters. Whether with graphic prints and neon colours or in oversize cuts with gold and silver accents, women's zip up hoodies are now uber-fresh and ready for both the most glamourous parties or an intimate after-hours session in the studio.

Women’s hooded sweatshirts are also the ideal choice for your best athletic self, working equally well in the gym as they do on an early morning run through your neighbourhood. Soft jersey and cotton will help you stay warm and comfortable no matter how much of a sweat you work up—and you’re still going to look great even after the most intense workout. Hoodies are also ideal as warm down wear, giving you the chance to throw on something to keep those muscles from seizing up after a long game of football or a few hours in the pool.


From the cool cut of a contemporary sleeveless sweatshirt to a vintage classic in faded fabrics and white trim, TOM TAILOR has a huge selection of women’s zip up hoodies, so you can tailor your look down to the last detail. Try a fleece lined hoody with a leather jacket for an urban look that will keep you cosy in even the coldest weather, or perhaps a super lightweight hoody with a t-shirt on a breezy spring day—whatever style you are striving for, you’ll find a hoody to match.

Our expertly designed hoodies are built to last, with each wash making your favourite sweatshirt just that little bit softer and more comfortable. With styles and cuts to suit all body shapes and sizes, there’s also something for everyone—whether you want something oversized and baggy for those lazy days around the house or a tighter hoody that accentuates your figure in all the right places. Discover the TOM TAILOR collection and find women’s zip up hoodies made for you.