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The t-shirt—a design so simple, unpretentious, and practical that its rise to the top of the fashion world is nothing short of legendary. T-shirts form the basis of any clothing collection, and they are easily layered with other items to create an infinite number of outfits. They come in all colours, provide the perfect blank canvas for graphic prints, and they’re available in every style and cut imaginable. Let’s face it, there’s literally nothing you can’t do with a t-shirt—and that’s why everyone loves them!

No wardrobe is complete without a selection of high-quality women’s t-shirts, and our collection gives you the chance to let your imagination run wild. You’ll find a huge range of thoughtfully designed tops available, from basic tees to intricate designs that wouldn’t look out of place on the most prestigious catwalks in the world. Whatever style, cut, shape, or size you are looking for, you can bet that you’ll be spoilt for choice browsing our catalogue.


Although simple by design, today’s women’s t-shirts are available in a range of cuts and styles suitable for both casual and formal wear. A loose-fitting t-shirt with a round neck and a jumper are your best friends on a rainy day at home, or equally useful as a breezy top for a warm summer’s day. Dark V-necks work great in the office or at your coworking space, while a refined U-neck is easily layered with a blazer or jacket for your next big meeting.

For something a little more glamourous, you’ll find lacey details, textured fabrics, and relaxed necklines that are sure to catch the eye—wherever you are heading for the evening. These combine with off-the-shoulder cuts and extra short sleeves for some truly unique shirts designed to show a little more skin. Finally, relaxed fit women’s t-shirts are truly the perfect travel companion, offering practical comfort on your journey and the ability to roll them up and save space when you need to pack.


Women’s t-shirts form the foundation for so many great looks— you can rock a simple white tee and ripped straight jeans for a classic style that never grows old, or you can grab a sparkling t-shirt that really pops when you want to dress to impress. Try a bold graphic printed shirt and gold-trim hoody for an edgy street-style full of bling, or tone it down with a sophisticated shirt that’s ready for a dinner date. Wherever you’re heading, and whatever look you want to build, you’ll find a t-shirt to suit.

Available in a range of high-quality fabrics, our collection of women’s t-shirts has plenty to offer to even the most well stocked wardrobe. From vintage inspired prints on faded jersey for a touch of retro-inspired style, to cotton and jacquard mixes featuring intricate detailing and luscious drapability. Browse the collection in the official TOM TAILOR shop and discover the largest selection of women’s t-shirts available online.