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A true fashion staple that works with a variety of looks, the long sleeve t-shirt is a must-have for any aspiring fashionista. It’s practical and functional yet versatile enough to lay on a little glamour for those special occasions—and with a huge range of materials, colours, and cuts available, you’ll never get bored. What’s more, long sleeve t-shirts are the ideal go-to garment in any season, allowing you to build flexible outfits around your tee. Discover the latest styles in everyday essentials at the official TOM TAILOR online store and browse a huge range of women’s long sleeve shirts that are ready for anything—you’ll be glad you did!


The humble t-shirt (and its long-sleeved compatriot) originally appeared as undergarments in the 19th century. Soon after, plain white tees became popular with miners and kitchen porters thanks to their practicality and their ability to keep workers cool in warm environments. Since that time, every generation has fallen in love with this most understated of garments, with each era rocking its own unique style. Today’s designs have used the classic comfort found in traditional t-shirt design, alongside a wealth of fashion history, to turn the basic white tee into a worldwide phenomenon—available in every shape and style imaginable.

Whether with graphic prints or bold slogans, as a basic tee or with finely detailed features, women’s long sleeve t-shirts are easy to wear and always styled to suit any body shape or size. They can be tight and form fitted or loose and breezy, helping you to create a range of comfortable looks suitable for almost any occasion. Try a patterned fabric with a splash of colour, spots or stripes that really pop, buttoned up or down and with a range of necklines and off-the-shoulder styles. Whatever your favourite cut, you’ll find the beauty of women’s long-sleeved t-shirts lies in their versatility.


Women’s long-sleeved t-shirts are easily layered and combined with other items in your wardrobe, so you’re prepared for any weather. Throw a warm jumper and parka over your long-sleeved tee in winter and keep the wind off your back in vintage style. A leather jacket should suffice in spring and autumn, letting you create an edgy look that’s always on trend. Sun is shining? Just roll up the sleeves and jump into your skinny jeans for a casual outfit that looks great whatever your plans for the day.

Combining and contrasting your clothes is also a great way to keep up with the latest fashions–and a selection of long sleeve shirts will form the foundation of a well-stocked wardrobe. You’ll find that even the most well-loved shirt in your collection can be revived with just a little TLC. Whether combining formal wear and a refined tee for days in the office or just lazing at home in your baggy clothes, browse our collection and find the perfect long-sleeved t-shirt to match your style.


Women’s tops are the cornerstone of many great looks, and they work as part of the most elaborate outfits or simply worn alone on a warm summer’s day. They can be layered with other items in winter for that extra bit of warmth, or you can throw on a breezy sleeveless blouse in spring—in fact, whatever the season, whatever the weather, the sleeveless top is the perennial go-to garment that brings the ultimate in versatility to any wardrobe.

Tank tops, vests, camis, tops with peplum, shirts, turtlenecks and spaghetti straps¬—the range of women’s tops that rock the sleeveless look is breathtaking. You’ll find loose fitting camis that can be worn as pyjamas, form hugging shirts that look great in the office, and lacey tank tops ideal for a night on the town. Additionally, there’s a variety of necklines that flatter all body types and shapes. With plunge necks, V-necks, U-necks, round necks and turtle necks all bringing a little extra style to the range, you’re sure to find something that looks great on you.


The versatility of women’s sleeveless tops means they’re perfect in any setting. Athletic vests and tanks make great gym buddies, and whether you choose a basic tank or something with a sport inspired print, the flexibility and cooling properties of a sleeveless top are ideal when you want to work up a sweat. Once you’re done in the gym, why not head out with the girls in a sparkling silk cami or sleeveless shirt with a pair of sleek and skinny black denims—the perfect way to reward yourself for another power workout.

When paired with a blazer and smart trousers, a sleeveless top also works as part of a sophisticated outfit in the boardroom or during that next big meeting—providing a simple and functional base for you to build a strong corporate look. However, at its most practical, the sleeveless top is an enduring day-to-day garment that can easily be matched with countless other items to suit your mood.


In high-quality cotton, silk, polyester, lace, spandex, and much more besides, sleeveless tops are made to be comfortable and kind to your skin. Whether simple and understated or intricate and lacey, TOM TAILOR uses only the very best materials to ensure our range of women’s sleeveless tops feels great. Just try them on for size and get a feel for your favourite fabrics.

Available in a selection of gorgeous colours or featuring eye-catching patterns and prints, women’s sleeveless tops also bring a little flair to your look. You want something bold and bright for the gym? No problem! Looking for vintage inspired prints? Easy! Searching for a unique tropical pattern ready for the beach? You’ll find exactly what you need! Browse our collection today and discover a huge range of statement sleeveless tops designed to let you express yourself in true style.