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Men’s long sleeve t-shirts – essential for any wardrobe

Men’s long sleeve t-shirts act the same way as their little brothers – the t-shirts: they are absolute essentials for the wardrobe. The so-called long sleeve t-shirt can be worn underneath a jumper to give you a little extra warmth or on its own paired with jeans of course. The long sleeve top always looks a little smarter than a T-shirt. For this reason, it can cause furore, available in a simple, plain look or in very distinctive look with colourful prints and slogans. Men’s long sleeve t-shirts are perfect in summer and on holiday, because they’ll keep you warm after the sun has set and the evenings get a little cooler. They are also great partners for doing sports in, as they’re breathable and prevent you from sweating during a work-out and freezing when you’re finished. Thus, men’s long sleeve t-shirts work best when the dress code is relaxed and are golden when paired with loose, laid-back casual trousers like jeans, cargo trousers and chinos. In most offices, however, men’s long sleeve tops are still frowned upon because they can seem a little too sloppy and laid-back, even too casual.

Why the Henley shirt is so sexy

With men’s long sleeve t-shirts, you have the choice between a V-neck or round neckline with a cool button placket, which were classics when your grandfather was a young man. Men’s long sleeve t-shirts with this button placket are also called Henley shirts. By the way, it’s considered really sexy on men! Up to the year 1800, this style was still worn as the classic undershirt for men, and this is still the case, it looks great when worn underneath a checked lumberjack shirt, coarse jackets or a jumper. Men in a Henley shirt appear rugged and rock-solid and that is sexy! But it doesn’t just have to be an undershirt, this men’s long sleeve t-shirt with a button placket also creates a good figure when worn on its own. It’s best to pair it with a pair of black jeans and leather shoes to underline your rugged look. Tip: a V-neck and button plackets are slimming! Both types of neckline accentuate the vertical line, which visually elongates your upper body – this brings about the slimming effect.

Super comfortable thanks to cotton

The majority of men’s long sleeve tops are finished in 100% cotton, with many also in jersey fabric – that makes them incredibly soft and super comfortable. Blended fabrics with a flexible percentage of stretch are also available – this ensures the perfect fit. If a top in finished in dense, brushed cotton fabric, then you’re thinking of a sweatshirt. If the top is fastened with a collar similar to a scarf, then this is actually a snood. If the men’s long sleeve t-shirt features a small collar and button placket, then it’s a long-sleeved polo shirt, which is usually finished it cotton piqué. Long sleeve t-shirts for men can also be made of functional fabrics that have special heat and moisture-regulating properties plus they dry in the blink of an eye.

Long sleeve top + jacket = a casual party outfit for men

A long sleeve t-shirt for men is ready for parties if you wear a dark blue or black jacket over it. For this, long sleeve tops in white are particularly suitable as they create a beautiful colour contrast. The two-in-one options are also very fashionable: You’ve got your casual look sorted when you pair jeans and trainers with men’s long sleeve t-shirts that look like there’s a t-shirt underneath them! Contrasting colour trims, decorative stitching, patch breast pockets, patterns and lots and lots of prints ensure that the long sleeve top stays on trend and will never be boring.

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