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  • “The city is our playground” is the slogan of the retro-inspired spring/summer 2017 collection. The sunset hot on their tails, the Denim Gang show off their skateboards. They explore their city freely and independently. The serious parts of life: far, far away.

    Retro style is the clear focus of the new collections and will be newly appreciated with modern, sporty cuts. Cool looks with bomber jackets and plenty of denim make for a sporty, casual look — exactly what TOM TAILOR Denim stands for. Now is the time to set your mark. It's your game. Do it with #ttdjustplay

  • TOM TAILOR Denim is synonymous with the attitude of a whole generation: self-confident, free, spontaneous, independent, flexible, urban and modern. With unique features, a love of detail and constantly striving for reinvention, TOM TAILOR Denim creates much more than “just” collections. Our designers create a lifestyle, a feeling, a movement. Just like music, we see clothing as an expression of our personality.

    This summer, there are no limits with the sporty, retro looks of TOM TAILOR Denim.