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Women’s Fashion by TOM TAILOR

Classic, young, elegant and stylish: With the choice of our women’s clothing we express who we are. Most of the time women rather opt for timeless styles, while sometimes you’re in dire need for a real it-piece: Ladies love to play with colours and shapes and to present themselves in a new way! Good styling always means to underline one’s personality. TOM TAILOR has it all – for every occasion, every season and taste. In terms of trends the label always sets new standards. Get some inspiration!

Women’s Fashion, That Attracts – How to Get the Perfect Look

Women’s Fashion follows a basic rule: less is more! A glitter-mini worn with a sequin-camouflage jacket and a pair of patent leather heels can easily appear that touch too much. It is always better to choose an it-piece, that underlines your personality and can be combined with different classic looks. A glitter-top will definitely go great with a pair of jeans or under a simple coat or jacket. Very important: the perfect fit. Whether we buy size 8, 10 or 12 doesn’t matter. It is important that a shirt or top, a blazer or a bikini have the perfect fit and we feel comfortable in them. Only then it might have the chance to become our new favourite!

Not Every Cut Is for Every Woman

You like those skinny jeans, but you think they just don’t suit you? Then you should better go for a cut that flatters your figure. You make heads turn in that A-line dress ? Then go and get another one! Those who have managed to find their own style in the world of women’s fashion, knows exactly what to wear and what not to buy. That’s when dressing starts to become real fun. Always a good idea: Classics. For example, if you own a tapered blazer with a great cut you’re always perfectly dressed on every occasion. Blazers are timeless and also work great when paired with your favourite jeans or a pair of sneakers. Combined with a sophisticated blouse or a casual Marlene pant you elevate that style on an elegant note. Nude coloured or black cardigans are true all-rounders, while you will never go wrong with that little black dress.

Perfectly Styled from Head to Toe

The right shoes always complete the perfect outfit. Of course, high heels, sneakers, boots & co. need to be in best condition. Women’s fashion literally calls for extraordinary combinations: Pumps and sandals don’t only match skirts or dresses, while sporty sneakers can be paired with both, sweatpants or an airy summer dress. If you want to elevate your look without too much effort, opt for some matching accessories. Scarfs, shawls & co. add a finishing touch. Plain pullovers and cardigans, shirts and tops can be elevated by wearing an eye-catching necklace or brooch. A stylish belt accentuates your waistline and balances out your proportions. Think about the handbag, women’s most important accessory – with a stunning model you can easily take your outfit from boring to brilliant. While shoulder bags are super straightforward, shoppers are known to be quite handy. How much we would love our own room full of them!