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TOM TAILOR children's clothing

Happy, colourful, top quality – we are talking about kid’s clothing, where only the best items will be good enough. Parents want their childrens’ clothing not only to look great and to fit perfectly, but also they look for excellent quality and great wearing comfort! With girls’ dresses and boys’ trousers all clothes are expected to be robust and to last a long time. It is not so easy to meet all demands – however, TOM TAILOR has it all. We present such collections for the little ones as they satisfy the highest demands in every respect. Kids feel completely comfortable frolicking, playing, studying, or dreaming. And of course this applies to any time of the year...

Snugly Through the First Few Months

Finally the baby has arrived! Never before has anybody played such an important part in our lives. No wonder that we do everything we can to make the little one feel cared for and protected! Naturally, this includes buying lovely clothes for babies. During the first few weeks they need lots of rompers, bodysuits, one-part pyjamas, caps and socks, t-shirts – of course they all need to show gorgeous designs. While baby boys' clothes are still offered in pastel blue- and green, baby girls are traditionally dressed in sweet pink- and yellow hues. Since baby’s skin is extremely delicate, you have to make sure to select top quality materials with excellent processing. It is also important that the clothing is absolutely free of skin irritating chemicals and other toxic agents.

Small Children – Fashion Models

Fashion for the little ones – what should it look like? First of all it has to be robust and durable. Only children’s clothes they can romp in, are ones you can choose for the very little ones! It is also important that kids’ clothing cuts are made especially for children, do not restrict them and leave them enough room to move around and explore. Cuffs should be tight, but they must not constrict, the seams should be firm and robust. Don’t choose children’s clothes just for their looks, but consider their functionality – this is the only way to enjoy children’s fashion for a long time! Little girls love dresses. We have a large range of different models, sporty to playful, for the kindergarten, for school, for children’s birthday parties or simply to go playing. Little boys like their outfits to be cool and masculine. On top of boys’ jeans, casual boys’ shirts, or sweaters we offer a lot more little boys brave hearts usually desire.

Kids’ Fashion – Let Us Talk About Style

As the children get older, they more important the look of their clothing counts. While girls enjoy chic clothes and like to look like their mums or like stars on TV, boys rather try and copy members of certain bands, sports champions or of course their dad. As the years go by, kids define themselves more and more over clothing: Show me what you wear and I tell you who you are – that’s their motto! No wonder that kids’ outfits are expected to reflect freshness, coolness, individuality, and independence – young peoples’ most important values. With us you will find a large variety of top quality, trendy, and latest fashion for happy and self-confident kids and teenagers. Our collections set real standards – we would like to inspire you!