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Kids’ Fashion - We Are Ready for Spring & Summer!

A long winter is over - the new kids’ fashion is making us really look forward to spring and summer. Bright colours, cool cuts and light, airy materials are ringing in the warm season. TOM TAILOR knows what kids (and their mums) want. This is why we stock great girls and boys fashion in sizes 92 to 176 - for toddlers from 1.5 years up to 17 year old teenagers, as well as baby clothes for the very little ones: baby fashion in the sizes 50 to 86.

Extra High Demands on Kids’ Fashion

Little princess or stylish young lady, tiny rascal or a smart skater: kids have high demands on their outfits. The older they get the more certain they know what they want to wear - and what they absolutely don’t! Girls as little as 3 years old can drive their mums to desperation when they stubbornly insist on wearing their favourite dress over and over again. To put an end to long discussions we now have the most beautiful girls’ fashion in our programme. Little boys aren’t missing out either - their outfits need to be super laid-back, mega cool and offer enough freedom of movement for romping around. We have, of course, looked ahead and are providing you with great boys’ fashion that your son will love. Once the kids are a bit older and maturing into teenagers, mums are holding bad hands in terms of style consultation. We can however reassure you here: At TOM TAILOR even the most demanding teens are on the safe side. Great fashion pieces or important fashion basics - you can be certain to find all the kids’ fashion you are looking for!

Fashion That is Simply Fun!

We place great value on kids’ fashion that is fun for big and small. While girls like sophisticated details such as flounces, prints, bows and lots of sequins and the favouritejeans are usually a skinny fit, boys are into cool statement prints, slogans and an extra sloppy style for jeans and sweatshirts. Baby fashion, in turn, can look pretty but needs to be practical, above all. For example, unbuttonable shoulder sections on bodysuits and jumpers, which make changing clothes an easy peasy affair. The size should always fit perfectly - baby clothes that are too small rub against the sensitive baby skin, whereas bodysuits and shirts that are too big are not directly touching the skin and easily make the child feel cold.

Skin-Friendly Materials, High-Quality Workmanship

When we create children’s clothing there are however some very different aspects that we take into account: Kids’ fashion must be made of breathable and skin-friendly fabrics as children’s skin is very sensitive - if the clothes were scratchy even an infant would protest by screaming at its parents. The materials must be completely free of harmful substances and skin-irritating additives. Particularly in baby fashion, high-quality, safe processing is incredibly important. Furthermore, the children's clothing should be particularly robust because it is exposed to many strains: Wild activities and frequent washing is not supposed to affect the kids’ fashion, it needs to still look brand-new after the umpteenth wash. For all robustness and durability, the material still needs to be really comfortable on the skin - from the romper to the cool jeans. This is why we tend to use cotton, sometimes in combination with elastic fibres because girls’ and boys’ clothing must not be restricting and must always guarantee maximum freedom of movement. Take your time to have a look around our range and discover the fantastic, large selection of kids' fashion by TOM TAILOR.