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Menswear - The autumn/winter trends for 2018/19

Menswear: For many men, it’s not really a big priority. Unlike most women, men don’t necessary think that their wardrobes need to be fit to bursting to come up with great outfits time and again! For them, what matters is finding the right mix of pieces to show off their style. This includes essential basics such as jeans and T-shirts, shirts and jumpers, but also true favourite pieces such as leather jackets, cosy flannel shirts, cool coats and parkas or cosy cotton chinos. We at TOM TAILOR think you should wear what you feel comfortable in and what suits you. Check out our site – you’re bound to find your favourites here!

Men’s fashion from TOM TAILOR – cool styles for every occasion

You need a few pieces to make sure you’ll be perfectly dressed for every occasion? Our menswear is guaranteed to suit your taste! A casual look is just what you need for your down time. Good ol' jeans are essential here. A T-shirt, a relaxed jumper and a pair of cool trainers is the perfect self-assured look for autumn-winter days: Fashionable accessories such as a stunning belt or a cosy scarf in a trend colour will give your outfit a personal note. If you want to upgrade your casual look, swap your jeans for a pair a chinos, for instance: Wear a polo shirt or a laid-back shirt and a slim fit jumper with them and the whole look will still be casual, but more elegant. Are you sporty and you like to keep active? Then straightforward men’s fashion is your thing. sweatshirt, sweatshirt jackets, hooded jumpers and caps will give you a dynamic yet relaxed look, while making sure you still feel super comfortable. What's more, they can be worn practically all year round because you can wear them with both thick outdoor jackets, as well as lightweight bomber jackets. A new job or a close friend’s wedding: There are those days in life that you definitely need to sharpen things up to a more elegant style. A beautifully cut shirt is your go-to piece! Wear it with a perfectly fitting tailored jacket and you’re sure to be properly dressed and to exude seriousness and self-confidence.

Men’s fashion in autumn and winter: Here’s where colour comes into play!

Menswear in the colder months: Earthy tones such as brown or grey combined with bold colours are a big trend at the moment. Jumpers, scarves or hats in shades of yellow, red or blue add great accents and are truly eye-catching! Checks and check patterns, which you often see on the classic lumberjack shirt for example, are experiencing a big comeback! Not only are they bang on trend, but they’re also super comfortable – the combination that everyone is looking for! Another trend that’s not going anywhere are distinctive lettering and logos, mainly used to add decoration to T-shirts, hoodies or jackets. Bag yourself one of these pieces and pair it with stylish jeans and trainers – and you’ll have nailed this fashionable look! Camouflage has also proven to be extremely durable. This military pattern continues to be a trend in the world of men’s fashion! The great thing about it is that you can always find new ways to interpret the look, simply by styling it in different ways. Sometimes in muted tones, other times accentuated with bold colours – let your creativity run wild!

Pimp your wardrobe – with pieces from TOM TAILOR

Simply pick up a few new great pieces from our huge selection of menswear – and you have endless possibilities for creating completely new styles again and again! If you want to be on the safe side, order a complete look in one go – then you don't have to think about which jumper goes with which trousers and which shoes. In this way, you will be 100% successful in combining styles and colours. Depending on the weather and your mood, you can add interest to your outfit with a few stylish accessories such as a scarf. Try out this style for a look that will turn heads!