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Shirts For Men by TOM TAILOR

Men’s shirts have existed for many centuries, however: They were invisible for a long time: They were hidden underneath men’s top clothing, and therefore they were not more than just underwear. It wasn’t until the 19th century that shirts came out into the light: Promoted from underwear to men’s shirts they started a fast career. Their importance increased, more and more men’s fashion focused on them. Stiff collars and cuffs became additional highlights. An impressive men’s shirt was very much admired in the world of the upper class.

Long-Sleeved Shirts By TOM TAYLOR: White Men’s Shirts Will Always Remain True Classics

The collars kept growing until they almost touched men’s ears. In 1871, a clever tailor invented the button placket, so that it was no longer necessary to pull men’s shirts over one’s head. Until the end of the 19th century, white men´s shirts were a sign of wealth. They indicated that the gentleman did not have to do work where he got dirty - that is, if he had to work at all. A white men’s shirt remains the absolute classic today. When men’s waistcoats became increasingly less important as a must-have part of men’s suits, men’s shirts featured a breast pocket. However, this is not the case with white men’s shirts.


According to experts this is the collar which adds a special character to men’s shirts. The most popular collars are: • The button-down-collar. Originally it was designed for polo playing. During fast gallop the collars hit the polo player’s faces and were therefore fixed by two buttons. The button-down-shirt is less formal, it is rather a leisure time shirt. Therefore, it is often worn in combination with casual outfits. • The Kent-collar. It is wide-spread amongst men’s shirts and came up in 1930. The name derives from the English Duke of Kent, who was famous for his immaculate style. It is said that the duke was looking for a possibility to wear a large knot without feeling restricted. This was possible with the Kent-collar. This type of collar is both, perfect for the job as well as for the leisure time. It can be worn with or without a tie. A typical feature are the straight, pointed collar ends. Thanks to its shape the knot is placed exactly in the middle of the collar – this way every man is well dressed. In addition, its shape offers enough room for almost all types of knots. • The shark collar: A fashionable type of collar. Here, the ends are especially far apart. Therefore it is ideal for larger knots. The shark collar represents self-confidence and elegance. The stylish choice for a business man. • The stand-up collar: A very casual type of collar. Men’s shirts with stand-up collars are never combined with a tie, they look great with jeans or chinos, completed by a leisure-time jacket.

Short-Sleeved Shirts: To Be Worn Slim Fitting Over Jeans And Chinos

During hot days short-sleeved shirts are a more formal alternative to a t-shirt. However, they should not be worn at the office. The only exception: The casual Friday. Leisure time men’s t-shirts are best combined with jeans and chinos and worn above the waistband. The men’s shirts are rounded at the bottom and are tight fitting, also the sleeves have become shorter these days and are often already rolled up. In delicate chequer pattern or with flashy stripes: The patterns vary from season to season, more subtle and plain-coloured models are always timeless.